We accelerate startups.

Build products with them.

Prepare them for invest & growth.

–  Internetová bezpečnost  –
Investice €1M
–  Green technologies  –
Tenfold growth
–  Fintech  –
€160k grant
–  Biotech  –
Investment €5M
–  Social innovation –
€1M per year
–  Internet security  –
Investment €1M
–  Green technologies  –
Tenfold growth
–  Fintech  –
€160k grant
–  Biotech  –
Investment €5M
–  Social innovation  –
€1M per year
–  Internet security  –
Investment €1M
–  Green technologies  –
Tenfold growth
–  Fintech  –
€160k grant
–  Biotech  –
investment €5M
–  Social innovation  –
€1M per year

Every startup begins with enthusiasm. But soon there often comes a clash with reality. Customers don't use the product as expected. Funding runs out faster than expected. Achieving hockey stick growth can be quite challenging.

Each phase of a startup
has its own challenges

Whatever stage you're in, we can help you with complex solutions or partial challenges.

Validation of ideas

  • Design Sprint
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Prototyping

Market launch

  • Product/market fit
  • Market entry strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Brand
  • Product UX
  • Customer journey


  • Pitch decks
  • Marketing strategy
  • Innovation cycle
  • Product roadmap

Scale up

  • New business opportunities
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Partner network

Clarifying the strategy

Together, we will define priorities, develop strategies and plan steps to achieve main objectives.

Market validation and business model

Value Proposition


Marketing and communication strategy

Unlocking your
team's creativity

We will involve the whole team in the ideation process and use its full creative potential.

Validation of ideas
with Design Sprints

Design Thinking

Implementation of the innovation cycle

Designing products
people love

We design websites and apps. We follow the principles of human-centered design, i.e. we uncover people's real needs and prioritize our findings.


Optimization of
Customer Journey

Visual identity and
visual communication

Prototyping websites
and applications

Design systems
and UI design

We are guides to the innovation process, designers and analysts

We complement the skills of the startup team and look at the startup holistically. We bring expertise that bridges technology, design and marketing.




If needed, we invite our partners from related fields to cooperate with us:


GoodAccess is a technology startup developing SaaS solutions for securing enterprise systems. It is used by customers in more than 120 countries and has recently received an investment of 1M Euro.

We have been working with GoodAccess since 2020, optimizing the UX/UI of the product and helping with marketing communication.

Kořenovky specialize in natural wastewater treatment, creating natural swimming lakes, wetland roofs and facades. During their 10 years of existence they have completed over 1000 projects and have become a successful Czech company.

We help Kořenovky with their business and marketing strategy, we create their brand, take care of marketing activities, and we prepared the company website.

Corrency is a fintech startup that was founded in the spring of 2020 as a tool to rebuild the economy after the covid pandemic. The project has received financial support from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic for the implementation of the pilot.

For Corrency, we create user interface to their services, participate in marketing strategy and other product development.

MultiplexDX is an innovative biotech startup bringing revolutionary personalized molecular diagnostics technologies to the market. MultiplexDX has received investment and SME grant €5M.

We have been working with MultiplexDX since the very beginning. We have helped raise investment, created the brand, the company website and defined the marketing strategy to reach new customers.

Znesnáze21 is a donation platform that was the first in the Czech Republic to reduce the time of setting up a public collection to tens of minutes. Through the Zneznáze21 platform, almost CZK 150 million has already been raised in 800 collections through 128,000 donors.

For Znesnáze21, we designed the UX/UI of the product, created the visual identity, brand and developed the first version of the product. We also designed the marketing strategy for the project launch.

Are you a startup?

Here's how we do it

  • At the kick-off meeting, we introduce our approach and its benefits.
  • We grasp the startup's situation, identify and prioritize key challenges in a joint workshop with key stakeholders.
  • We clarify the strategy and roadmap.
  • We will help with implementation of UX processes.
  • We will process individual sub-tasks.

Are you an investor?

Benefits of our partnership

  • Support growth by optimizing processes and improving team collaboration.
  • An external view of the innovation process unencumbered by the operational overload.
  • Effective support in areas where the startup lacks skills or know-how.
  • Early identification of risks.
  • Creation of special “acceleration” groups using specialists on specific topics.

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